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GGB high performance aerospace bearings and aircraft bushings


Aerospace Bearing Solution

GGB's Metal-Polymer Bearings for Aerospace Applications


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB's Heavy Duty bearing solutions for Aerospace Applications and Actuators

Actuators are responsible for controlling landing gear, rudders, elevators, flaps, spoilers, and cargo doors in aircrafts. The seamless operation of these systems is essential to assuring aircraft have a safe flight from takeoff to landing.

Actuators must perform with no stick slip and with consistent friction under all conditions. Due to this, they require high performance, reliable bearings that can withstand harsh operating conditions.

GGB Aerospace Bearing Solution


GGB heavy-duty bearings for actuators and aerospace applications

GGB DU® self-lubricating bearings consist of a steel backing with a porous bronze inner structure that is coated with an antifriction polymer resin lining. This composite bearing structure can withstand static loads up to 250 MPa and temperatures up to 280oC.

With a thin wall design, DU® plain bearings assist in achieving weight and space savings without compromising on strength.

Lead Free Actuator Bearing Solution


GGB's Lead-Free Heavy Duty bearings for Aerospace Applications and Actuators

DP4® metal-polymer low friction bearings offer similar properties to DU® with the added benefit of being lead-free. (DP4® is compliant with RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances and WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directives).

GGB Aerospace Bearings - Benefits

The following properties of DU® make it an excellent choice for actuator applications:

  • DU® plain bearings are generally free from stick-slip, providing consistent smooth sliding
  • DU® anti-friction bearings are resistant to airborne dirt and other contaminates that would compromise the performance of fluid lubricated bearings
  • Resistance to both flow and cavitation erosion
  • Lightweight, space saving bearing design to help with overall fuel efficiency

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