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Robotics & Automation

Hundreds of years of industrial revolution has brought an increasing demand for production automation. The development of industrial robots were born to support the heavy, dangerous, and monotonous tasks. Developers were able to create more complex motions allowing new applications such as welding, grinding, deburring, and assembly. Stepping in the 5th revolution ‘5.0’. Industrial automation facing new challenges in an industry collaborating with human beings.

GGB is continually collaborating with partners and customers in the robotic and automation industry, with a growing understanding of the applicable surface engineering solutions. The omnidirectional movements in robots, co-bots and automation applications presents many surfaces and materials in contact. GGB's material success in robotic and automation is built on collaborative innovation in material science, designing and co-developing solutions for our customer's most unique applications.

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Robot & Automation Applications


Industries robotics are playing a role in

GGBAlthough some industries have used robots for years, such as automotive, some industries have only recently begun to scratch the surface. In recent years, robotics has seen a surge and manufacturers are working with various industry leaders to analyze the needs of these fast growing markets to collaborate on use cases where robots and co-bots would be a major beneficial to the end users.


Some industries exploring use of robots and automation solutions to assist in daily tasks are:
Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Many challenges in the life sciences sector pre-dated the covid-19 pandemic but were quickly accelerated by the unprecedented circumstances with an increased demand for greater efficiency and productivity, along with a need to minimize time spent on repetitive tasks. In response labs are increasing the implementation of robots and automated systems in place. Robots are convenient in variety of uses within this industry; from testing machines, manufacturing new medical devices, sorting of specimens and more.


Food and Beverage / Consumer Goods

GGBIn the food and consumer goods industry, robots are useful in various areas from manufacturing to packaging, logistics, and more. Robotics and automation systems are ideal solutions in response to increasing demands on the industry for shorter turnaround times as consumers expect and demand products faster.



In the agricultural world, a farmers daily tasks can be extremely labor intensive, physically demanding, and repetitive. The deployment of robots in farming is easing this burden on farmers in applications for harvesting, picking, dairy, spraying and more.



The automotive industry has been a user of robots since the 1960s, with the first industrial robot, UNIMATE, deployed in a GM manufacturing plant in 1962. Through the years, the industry continued to employ robots in applications such as welding, assembly, painting machining, internal logistics and more. As cars continue to become more complex machines, opportunities for new areas of robot adoption rise.



GGBThe healthcare industry have always been working with cutting-edge technology, so it makes sense to see robots being deployed in various areas across the field. As robots transform the medical field from how surgeries are performed to streamlining hospital logistics and even outpatient care, it's expected to continue to see new opportunities for use.



The textile industry began utilizing automation and robotics over two centuries ago but in recent years, technological developments have allowed the industry to progressively adopt automation into the manufacturing processes. Robotics and automation provide the textile industry with the benefits of labor savings, reduced cycle times, improved part quality, improved safety and increased productivity and efficiency. As robots expand in the textile industry we will see them adopted for use in  automated sewing and cutting, 3D fiber structure printing, testing fibers and dyes, and more applications.

With more industries to come.

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