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GGB-CBM Thin-wall cylindrical bushing produced by metallurgic powder process

GGB-CBM® the Tribological Solution for Demanding Hydropower Applications

October 28, 2021



The Hydropower Industry requires corrosion-resistant, lubrication-free and high abrasion resistance materials. The components have to withstand high specific loads and long idle times under static load and low sliding speed.

GGB-CBM® Slide Bearings & Elements offer various advantages for:

  • Wicket Gates  (Upper, Intermediate, and Lower)
  • Linkages (Upper, Intermediate, and Lower)
  • Operating Ring Sliding Segments
  • Servo-Motors
GGB - Tribological Solutions for Hydropower Applications

GGB Solutions - Your Advantages:

  • Flexible wall thicknesses
  • Flexible diameters and lengths
  • High wear resistance
  • High load capacity
  • Suitable for dry operation

GGB-CBM® is a proven lead-free material for turbine manufacturers. It's a thin walled bimetal bearing made by metallurgic powder. Different metallic backings are available: stainless steel, carbon steel or bronze. GGB-CBM®'s self-lubricating and maintenance-free properties, as well as it's excellent corrosion resistance, ensure smooth operation under harsh operating conditions. 

Cylindrical bearings can be produced with an inner diameter up to 600mm and a length of 200mm. In small turbines, the size of the blank allows radial segments to be replaced by a large GGB-CBM® bearing.

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GGB-CBM® Bearing Forms 
GGB-CBM Products
GGB-CBM Products
GGB-CBM Products
GGB-CBM Products

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