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Plastic Films Stretching Technology

Biax Chain

Bearing Application for Film Stretching Production Lines

Our process of stretching plastic films is very restrictive in light of the speed, temperature and duration of operation without stops. GGB bearings keep their performance between each maintenance. HI-EX® product is, in this case, the most suitable due to long wear life, low noise and little maintenance. I´ve been using HI-EX® bearings since 2006. We´re very confident of the durability of the GGB bearings in this application.

- M. Trivero, Engineering, Head of R&D

Andritz Biax
I´ve been using HI-EX® bearings since 2006.

M. Trivero, Engineering, Head of R&D. ANDRITZ-Biax, France

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GGB HI-EX Bearing

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