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GGB Bearings for Kingpins in Railway Applications


Railway Bearing Solution

GGB's Fiber Reinforced Composite Bearings for Railway


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB railway bearings for king-pins, wheelset and railway applications

Given their crucial role in train-bogie steering mechanisms, kingpins and their accompanying wear plates must be able to handle large loads without fatigue in harsh conditions. For either of these components, the alternatives – failure or premature wear – are incredibly time-consuming and costly.

Those railway operators whose kingpins and wear plates not only maintain structural integrity under high loads, but minimize the need for maintenance and maximize service life, will have a clear advantage in a competitive marketplace.

With this is mind, GGB created HSG heavy-duty bearings and HPMB® high precision fiber reinforced composite bearings.

GGB Self-Lubricating, Heavy-Duty Bearings
GGB HSG filament wound and fiber reinforced composite cylindrical plain bearings

HSG (High Strength GAR-MAX®) heavy-duty fiber reinforced PTFE bearings have a high static load capacity of 415 MPa (60,000 psi), comfortably meeting the load demands of train bogie kingpins. In addition, the inert nature of the self-lubricating, maintenance-free, filament-wound bearing materials ensures reliable performance even in the harsh, corrosive environments train vehicles often operate in.

HPMB® high-precision fiber-reinforced composite bearings have a static load capacity of 215 MPa (30,000 psi). They have machinable inner and outer diameters for superior application precision, circularity and cylindricity tolerances. In addition, they offer high precision through easy single-point machining of the bearing liner, on-site prior to installation.

GGB Plain Bearings for Railway Applications - Benefits

The use of HSG high-load capacity bearing and HPMB® self-lubricating plain bearing offers the following benefits:

  • Increased resilience and efficiency
  • Superb performance in vibration-prone applications with HPMB® machinable bearings
  • Noise-free operation
  • Extended maintenance intervals due to low friction and excellent wear resistance
  • Corrosion and temperature resistance from -195°C / -320°F to 160°C / 320°F
  • Resistance to conditions that would compromise fluid-lubricated bearings (dirt, dust, high and low temperatures)
  • Lower labor costs and environmentally-friendly processes due to grease-free operations
  • Made in the USA

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