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Which type of bearing can be used in radial or axial piston pumps?

Radial and axial piston pumps are used primarily in construction, agriculture, automotive, material handling and industrial equipment. 

Both use shaft journal bearings to support their loads and speeds. GGB plain bearings are also used in Axial Piston Pumps, serving as slipper plates for rotation of the piston plate as well as cradle bearings to accommodate the oscillating movement of a swashplate to allow variable displacement, pressure and flow.

We offer unmatched experience and expertise in the design and production of bearings for radial and axial piston pumps.

In these applications, our DU®, DP4®, DX® and HI-EX® metal-polymer bearings provide low friction, resistance to wear, cavitation and fatigue, and long service life.

  • DU® self-lubricating bearing provides good wear and friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperature conditions. It also performs well with lubrication.
  • DP4® low friction bearings offer excellent performance in heavy-duty, oil-lubricated hydraulic applications. They also perform well running dry under light-duty conditions, particularly intermittent, stop/start operation with reciprocating and oscillating movements.
  • DX® marginally lubricated bearing for grease- or oil-lubricated applications provides optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds, and is suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements. It can be supplied with grease indents or plain sliding layer.
  • HI-EX® hydrodynamic composite bearing provides good wear and chemical resistance under thin-film conditions. It can be used with low-viscosity fluids, and can be supplied with grease indents or plain sliding layer for hydrodynamic applications.

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