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Where do you buy DU® bushes?

GGB aims to provide customers with the best service possible and is committed to on-time deliveries. Our global supply chain serves an extensive worldwide customer base.

GGB DU Metal-Polymer Self-lubricating Plain Bearings and BushingsOffering a wide range of services to numerous market sectors, our production plants can provide both standard and custom DU® bushes and many other bearings for scores of applications. We respond quickly to our customers’ needs with a flexible production platform and assure our product’s quality, performance and reliability.

For a comprehensive guide to our global footprint, including locations and contact information for our production facilities, sales offices and distributors by continent and country, please visit our Where to Buy section

To buy GGB DU® bushes online, please go to GGB Webstore.

GGB retains the exclusive rights to market metal-polymer bearings designated DU® and DX®, which are protected under international trademark laws. Only GGB and its global network of distributors are authorized to market these products as such, so beware of counterfeits which are not produced to GGB´s exacting standards of quality and performance.

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