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What are thrust washers?

Thrust washers, also referred to as thrust bearings or thrust plates, ...

... are flat, disk-shaped bearings that are made of either Metal-Polymer or Fiber Reinforced Composite material.



This means that they share many of the same properties as our Cylindrical Plain Bearings such as excellent wear resistance and low friction coefficients. Thrust washers are designed to support heavy axial loads and are used in applications where axial loads are expected.

One thrust washer that GGB manufacturers is GGB-MEGALIFE™ XT which is composed of PTFE and fiber reinforced composite bearing material. GGB-MEGALIFE™ XT thrust washers with proprietary filled PTFE tape liner on both surfaces feature excellent shock resistance as well as high load capacity, making them ideal for applications such as pulley spacers, gear spacers, kingpins, cranes, and valve actuator linkages.

GGB also manufactures DP4® Metal-Polymer Thrust Washers which are used in the parking brakes of vehicles. The low friction and wear resistant properties of DP4® thrust bearings ensure the reliability and safety of the brake system over the lifetime of a vehicle.  Additionally, the low weight of DP4® thrust bearings helps reduce vehicle weight, improving fuel efficiency.

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