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What are plain bearings?

Plain bearings, also referred to as bushes, bushings or sleeve bearings, are cylindrical shaped and have no moving parts.

Plain bearings are used for sliding, rotating, oscillating or reciprocating motion. In sliding applications they serve as slide bearings, bearing strips and wear plates. In these applications the sliding surfaces are usually flat, but can also be cylindrical, and movement is always linear rather than rotating. Plain bearing construction may be solid or with a split joint (wrapped bearings) for easier installation.


Plain bearings are manufactured from a variety of materials, including Metal-PolymerEngineered PlasticsFiber Reinforced Composite and Metals that reduce noise, increase service lifeeliminate lubricants and improve efficiency. The material a plain bearing is made of contributes to its mechanical and Tribological properties. Due to this, GGB’s applications engineers are usually consulted by customers to determine the optimal plain bearing solution for their applications.

For more information on plain bearings and the different low friction bearing materials developped by GGB visit our Bearings Webpage.

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