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What are flange bearings?

What is a flange bearing?

Flange bearings consist of a cylindrical body with a flange at one end. These bearings are capable of supporting radial loads as well as light axial loads due to the flange providing a thrust surface.


In addition, the flange also assists with aligning and mounting the bearing during installation. Usually, this is done to lock the bearing in place with the flange which prevents the bearing from moving axially in the application. Flange bearings are often used in applications with a lot of vibrations, such as automobiles, where they ensure proper bearing positioning.

Flange Bearings can be manufactured from:

Some examples of GGB’s flange bearings are GAR-MAX® self-lubricating flange bearings, specially designed for aerospace applications, and DP4® low friction flange bearings.

Additionally, most of our Engineering Plastics EP® Bearings can be molded into flange bearings as well.


While flange bearings generally only have a flange on one side, GGB’s FLASH-CLICK® Plastic Bearing Assembly features a special double flange bearing design.

This design allows for easy manual or automated installation. These self-lubricating flange bearings are ideal for applications such as convertible tops of cars, automobile seats, and aircraft seats.

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