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Does GGB sell Hydrodynamic Bearings?

The term hydrodynamic bearing can refer to one of two types of bearings: hydrodynamic thrust bearings or bearings that operate in hydrodynamic conditions.


The first type is hydrodynamic thrust bearings. These bearings are made of either metal or high strength ceramic and designed specifically for demanding applications with high loads. Lubricant is distributed through grooves in the bearing to form a lubricant layer which prevents metal to metal contact. Generally, thrust bearings are used to support heavy axial loads.

GGB does not sell this type of thrust bearing.



The second type of hydrodynamic bearing is any bearing that can be used in hydrodynamic conditions. When operating in hydrodynamic conditions, a lubricant layer of either water or oil separates the bearing and the shaft surface, preventing metal to metal contact. This lubricant layer reduces bearing wear and minimizes bearing noise.

GGB does sell bearings that can operate in hydrodynamic conditions, including:

  • DP31 Metal-polymer Hydrodynamic Bearing
  • DTS10® Metal-polymer Hydrodynamic Bearing
  • HI-EX® Metal-polymer Hydrodynamic Bearing

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