GGB lead-free DP4 plain bearings mounted on automotive Gearbox Actuator Shafts

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Gearbox Actuator Shaft

Worldwide, GGB supplies nearly all major Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers in the automotive industry in addition to every major OEM.

One valued GGB customer is a global leader in the design and production of high-tech components and systems for the automotive industry and supplies the world’s major car manufacturers.

GGB: A Global Leader in the Automotive Industry

Less than 10 percent of cars in the U.S. are equipped with standard manual transmissions, compared with Europe where 90% of the cars feature standard shift. To help European auto manufacturers offer vehicles that combine the performance of a standard transmission with the convenience and comfort of an automatic transmission, the customer developed its own servo-assisted gearbox, currently used by many of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

A critical component in this gearbox is the actuator shaft, which is connected to the command section - a fork selector that engages and disengages the gears selected by the driver. Supported by two cylindrical bearings, the actuator shaft oscillates from seven to eight degrees, translating the motion to the fork selector. A crucial component to the performance of the actuator shaft is the bearings, which are subjected to radial loads of up to 600 newtons and temperatures of 150°C to 160°C.

A Custom bearing Solution Made for an Innovative Application

To provide the company with a custom bearing solution, GGB recommended its high-pressure, lead-free DP4 plain bearings for their excellent wear and friction performance over a wide range of load, speed and temperature conditions. The steel-backed bearings incorporate rare earth fibers in the inside sliding layer, offering numerous advantages:

  • High static and dynamic load capacity
  • Suitable for rotating, oscillating and reciprocating movements
  • Compact and light
  • No machining needed after assembly
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Operating temperatures range from -200°C to +280°C

The exceptional resistance to both flow and cavitation erosion of the DP4 plain bearings make them especially suitable for start/stop applications like the actuator shaft in the gearbox. GGB DP4 antifriction plain bearings are also lead-free, complying with strict environmental legislation, such as the End of Life Vehicles (ELV) directive on the elimination of hazardous materials in the construction of passenger cars and light trucks and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

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