GGB metallic and bimetallic bearings: GGB-SZ,GGB-CBM,DB,SY,GGB-BP25

Metal and Bimetal Bearings

GGB offers a broad range of sizes, forms and materials in monometallic and bimetallic bearings. Bimetal and metal bearings offer excellent corrosion resistance in industrial outdoor applications and in water, marine and offshore environments. GGB bearings can be made in many sizes and forms, including thin-walled, thick-walled, flanged, cylindrical, sintered and oil-impregnated, and more. Some popular bearing materials and their benefits include:


Bimetal bearings are able to handle heavy loads and shock loading conditions. Our bimetal bearings have anti-corrosion capabilities and are easy to install, making them ideal for emergency replacements. GGB-CBM® thin walled bearing is available with stainless steel, carbon steel or bronze backing. 

Designed for harsh operating conditions, the AuGlide™ lead-free bearings feature a bimetal composition—steel backing and a bronze overlay—that earns RoHS compliance. They support high specific loads and offer superior performance under oscillating movements. Among many uses for these products, AuGlide™ bimetal bearings will most notably benefit transmissions and truck brakes as well as agricultural, mechanical handling and lifting applications. They boast a high load capacity and very good resistance to fatigue strength at high temperatures.

GGB-SZ bimetallic bearings available as lead-free cylindrical bearings & sliding plates


GGB SY Cylindrical bimetallic bearings for high loads and rough operating conditions

to standard SAE 792

GGB-CBM Thin-wall cylindrical bushing produced by metallurgic powder process


GGB SP Bimetal cylindrical bearings with plain sliding layer for lubricated applications

to standard SAE 794



Bronze is a versatile and commonly used material because it comes in many alloys and compositions. Bronze bushings (also called bronze bearings or solid bronze bushings) are hard and strong, as opposed to softer brass bushings. Bronze bushings have long lifespans and resist shock, impact, wear and corrosion. They require an external lubricant, for example grease or oil, at installation and during operation to reduce friction and wear.

GGB-DB Maintenance-free cast bronze cylindrical bearings and bushings


GGB LD wear resistant bronze bushings with grease reservoirs


GGB-CSM Self-lubricating and maintenance-free cylindrical bearings


GGB MBZ-B09 solid bronze bushings with lubrication indents


GGB LDD Perforated bronze bearings and bushings to increase lubrication intervals


GGB Solid bronze bearings are cylindrical bushes for lubricated applications

 Solid Bronze
 according to ISO 4379


GGB-BP25, GGB-FP20 and GGB-SO16 sintered bearings are used in environments when high speed operation is required, and in limited-space and variable-load applications. These pressed-metal bearings have large pores that are can be filled with lubrication, which is then released under applied force. Oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearings and sintered iron bearings offer maintenance-free operations and are suitable for complex shapes.
PyroSlide™ 1100 high temperature powder metal bearings comprise of a corrosion resistant powder metallic matrix and a homogeneously distributed solid lubricant enabling superior surface engineering performance in extremely high temperatures applications, withstanding operating temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celsius / 1475 degrees Fahrenheit. PyroSlide™ 1100 helps to improve tribological performance (most importantly reducing the coefficient of friction and the wear rate) in applications exposed to elevated temperatures and/or corrosion risk. Typical applications include exhaust after-treatments, industrial and domestic ovens, natural gas/petrochemical valves, heavy-duty engines and more.

GGB-SO16 Oil Impregnated Sintered Steel Bearings​


GGB-FP20 Oil Impregnated Sintered Steel Bearings allows maintenance-free operation

similar to SINT A10, impregnation group 1

GGB-BP25 sintered bronze cylindrical bearings for maintenance-free operations

similar to SINT A50, impregnation group 1

GGB PyroSlide high temperature powder metal cylindrical bearings




Steel bearings have high load capacity and very good resistance to fatigue at high temperatures. GGB's case hardened steel bushings are suited to harsh operating conditions and for high specific loads with oscillating motion and low frequency.

GGB-SHB case hardened steel cylindrical bearings




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