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PyroSlide™ 1100

High Temperature Powder Metal Bearing
GGB PyroSlide 1100 metal bush with chamfer for high temperature applications
GGB PyroSlide 1100 high temperature powder metal cylindrical bearings
GGB PyroSlide 1100 metal flanged bearings for extreme temperature and high loads
GGB PyroSlide 1100 high temperature bearing washers with solid lubricants
GGB PyroSlide 1100 High Temperature flanged bearing


  • Powder metallurgical bearing material consisting of a solid lubricant homogeneously distributed in a metallic matrix
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free by forming a solid lubricant film during the relative motion
  • Excellent high-temperature resistance
  • High wear resistance
  • Low-friction properties
  • Resistant to corrosive environments
  • High load capacity
  • High dimensional precision
  • No requirement to operate against high cost special counter surface materials with specific hardness requirements, a standard stainless steel counter surface is appropriate


Automotive - EGR valves, exhaust heat recovery systems (EHRS), exhaust throttle valves, exhaust brakes, turbocharger wastegate valves

Industrial - Industrial & domestic ovens and furnaces, natural gas/petrochemical valves, exhaust or smoke flaps, high temperature valves, heavy-duty engines, applications with elevated temperatures & corrosion risk, industrial processing plant applications, gas and steam turbines

Aerospace - Engine turbo fans, engine guide vanes, engine pneumatic-bleed valves


Bearing forms made to order: According to customer design/drawing. Regardless of shape size or material, we can customize your shape. High volume production is feasible.

Operating Performance

Designed and intended for dry
running applications operating at
elevated temperatures

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