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February 27, 2014


GGB test rig bearings video related to test bench Colossus

A new GGB Bearing Technology video.

GGB Bearing Technology has a multitude of test benches available that provide our experts with the extensive product knowledge needed to give customers an appropriate and validated bearing selection and design.

Our Commitment to High Quality and Performance

To guarantee the high-quality and performance of our products, GGB materials are extensively tested to determine key properties such as strength, friction, wear, fatigue and erosion resistance. GGB test rigs are designed and built in-house to accurately measure this data by simulating the appropriate sliding motion under the desired load to determine both static and dynamic friction.

GGB’s unique test bench Colossus was created to simulate the high loads on large diameter bearings typically seen in many of GGB's markets and measure material wear and friction behavior under realistic conditions.


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GGB Bearing Technology Video -- Validating Customer Bearing Solutions, by GGB


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