GGB Presentation Focuses on Composite Bearings for the Hydropower Industry

February 15, 2018


Michael Kim from GGB presents at Hydro 2017

GGB’s principal engineer for tribological materials, Michael Kim, made a presentation on composite bearing applications at the 2017 HYDRO International Conference and Exhibition, held October 9-11, 2017, at the FIBES Congress and Exhibition Centre in Seville, Spain.

Titled “Composite Bearing Design with Improved Tribology and Machinability for Aggressive Applications,” the presentation examined how the use of self-lubricating, fiber/resin composite bearings enhance functionality, design flexibility and performance in industries such as hydropower, energy storage and beyond for less system wear and improved bearing life.

The structure of GGB’s fiber reinforced composite bearings such as HPMB®, enable the bearings to support high static and dynamic loads in hydropower settings, and provide the ability to machine composite bearings to a tight dimensional tolerance. Recent developments in self-lubricating fiber/resin composite bearing technology have included fiber construction to overcome machining limitations while providing superior tribological performance.

The presentation was based off a paper co-authored by Elena Wapner, application engineering leader for GGB’s renewable energy and aerospace segments.

Each year Hydropower & Dams International Journal organizes the HYDRO International Conference and Exhibition to highlight influencers in the hydropower industry, as well as provide updates and information on energy, power, waterpower, renewable energy and dam engineering.

Listen to Michael Kim’s presentation at HYDRO 2017.

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