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October 14, 2014


ggb hpm hydropower bearings, ideal for turbines, are selected for belo monte project

The recent issue of Power magazine, a leading publication for the global generation industry, featured an article on GGB Bearing Technology’s HPM filament wound bearings. Designed specifically for use in hydropower applications, the bearings were  successfully tested for extended wicket gate service in Brazil’s Belo Monte project, the country’s second-largest and the world’s third-largest.

The article, which was written by Editor Aaron Larson based on information provided by GGB, covered the construction of the bearing, the testing procedure conducted by Powertech Labs, and results. 

Combining the self-lubricating properties of PTFE with the strength and stability of a glass-fiber-filled epoxy resin backing, HPM bearings offer maintenance-free, environmentally friendly operation with no additional lubrication required. They have high static and dynamic load capacities, tolerate impact, shock and edge loading, and provide longer service life with their low friction and wear rate.

Suitable for rotating, oscillating and linear movements, the bearings are dimensionally stable with low water absorption, making them suitable for use in seawater. They also resist corrosion, weight 75% less than equivalent-size metallic bearings, and can be machined to required tolerances.

HPM filament wound self-lubricating plain bearings for hydropower applications

GGB HPM bearings

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