GGB Heilbronn ISO Certified for Energy Management

August 10, 2012


GGB heilbronn certified ISO50001

The International Organization for Standardization has certified GGB Heilbronn GmbH to ISO 50001 standards for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving its energy management system. The Heilbronn production facility is the first of EnPro Industries’ companies to achieve this certification, assessed and certified by independent auditor, TÜV Rheinland.

“GGB Heilbronn offered to pilot this initiative which is doubly important to us, as it addresses both our operational and environmental issues… By providing the guidelines for improving our energy efficiency, it will have a very direct impact on our bottom line and a less direct, but still measurable impact on our environmental performance, to which both GGB and our parent company EnPro Industries are committed.”

- Susan Sweeney, GGB President

A Commitment to Quality, Safety and the Environment

GGB Heilbronn GmbH has been on the receiving end of several other awards for their quality, safety and environmental management systems. In 2009, Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. Co. KG certified GGB Heilbronn GmbH to supply precision machining, bearings and washers in addition to special metal-polymer bearings.

Safety is an important priority for EnPro and CEO Steve Macadam, who recently presented the EnPro President’s Safety Award to GGB Heilbronn. The award was based on the Heilbronn’s safety program, which includes incentives for individual and team contributions to improving safety, the environment and first aid.

In addition, the German production facility uses no toxic solvents and has achieved a 100% recycling rate of all waste at the plant through recycling and recovery by:

  • refining oil and water for reprocessing
  • burning foil in an incineration plant
  • reusing and granulating plastic for new products
  • recycling paper and cardboard for reuse
  • burning wood in a biomass thermal power plant
  • melting scrap metal for reuse as  raw material
  • incinerating residual waste, heating water to create steam to power a turbine

An Achievement in World-Class Standards

ISO 50001 was developed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to enable organizations to follow a systematic approach to achieving continual improvement in their energy performance. It specifies requirements for energy use and consumption, including measurement, documentation and reporting, design and procurement practices for equipment, systems, processes and personnel that contribute to energy performance.

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