FLASH-CLICK®: A Dual-Component, Double-Flanged, Solid Polymer Bearing

April 8, 2013


GGB double flange bearings and bushings in solid polymer material

FLASH-CLICK® is the new innovative bearing solution manufactured and developed by GGB Bearing Technology (formerly Glacier Garlock Bearings). The unique patented design offers the first dual-component, double-flanged solid polymer bearing in the industry.

The new FLASH-CLICK® design features a special geometry for easy manual or automated installation without the need for pilot or assembly tools. The two-piece construction facilitates installation from different directions to allow bearing housing tolerances to be reduced, therefore lowering total system costs.

Reduce System Costs with Bearings that Perform

GGB’s FLASH-CLICK® bearings are available in all nine of our EP® series of lightweight, corrosion-resistant solid polymer materials, which provide low friction, long wear and noiseless operation. These properties, coupled with the bearings’ innovative design, make them suitable for replacing more costly bearings in many applications, such as automotive seats and convertible tops. Other advantages include:

  • Excellent performance at high temperatures and high axial loads
  • Increased housing tolerances reduce total system costs
  • Manual and automated installation
  • Custom dimensions

Custom Bearings Made-to-Measure for Your Specific Application

FLASH-CLICK® bearings can be supplied in an infinite number of custom dimensions from thin metal sheet housings up to multiple, sectional longer bearings for custom applications, pending project-related feasibility checks.

GGB Bearing Technology offers extensive technical expertise and state-of-the-art in-house testing capabilities to optimize application-specific bearing solutions.

For more information, please contact: germany@ggbearings.com



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