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What are plummer block housings?

Plummer block housings, also known as pillow block housings, are housings used to support rotating shafts in mechanical devices. They provide a stable base for bearings, shafts and other components, enable smooth rotation and minimize vibrations and misalignment. The main components of a plummer block housing typically include:

Housing – the outer shell or housing that enclosures the bearing and provides support for the shaft. Plummer block housings are usually made of cast iron, ductile iron, or steel, offering a long service life and strength.

Bearing – the bearing fits inside the housing and supports the rotating shaft. Common types of bearings used in plummer block housings include ball bearings, roller bearings, and sleeve or plain bearings, depending on the application requirements.

Mounting Bolts – bolts or fasteners used to secure the housing to a mounting surface, such as a machine frame or foundation. These bolts ensure stability and prevent movement during operation.

Lubrication – plummer block housings often feature lubrication channels or ports to facilitate the application of greases or oil to the bearing, ensuring smooth operation and extending the service life of the components.

They provide a convenient and efficient means of mounting and supporting shafts, reducing maintenance requirements, and prolonging equipment life.  

EXALIGN® plummer block housings PB are pre-mounted with GGB DU or DX plain bearings in captive inner members and accommodate shaft misalignment up to 15°. The high-performance assembly eliminates edge loading, allowing full use to be made of DU and DX performance. Sealing in most applications is not needed. The bearing housing assemblies are self-aligning, a precise positioning and accurate alignment during installation is not required. The standard plummer block housings are made in grey cast iron and supplied with pre-finished bores. The bearing housing PB is available in metric and inch sizes in both standard and custom configurations.

High-load applications for EXALIGN® PB plummer block housings with pre-mounted GGB bearings include:

  • Marine applications
  • Chemical plants
  • Foundry plants
  • Lifts and cranes
  • Printing machinery
  • Transportation
  • Conveyors
  • Steel plants

Plummer block housings and pillow block housings have a similar design and they both mount the same types of plain bearings, but their applications are different. Pillow blocks are more used for lightweight applications and plummer blocks are used to transfer high power and support heavy industrial loads.

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