GGB GAR-MAX filament wound bearings selected for modular track systems applications

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Modular Track Systems

Modular track systems used for heavy equipment are subjected to enormous loads, both from the weight of the equipment itself, as well as shock impacts from traveling across inhospitable terrain. ATI Inc. manufactures modular track systems on an OEM basis for makers of construction equipment.

The company’s patented rubber track modules offer users of heavy equipment many operational advantages, while their low center of gravity improves vehicle stability and absorbs the shock of impacts to give a more comfortable driving experience. ATI Inc. required a strong, durable, maintenance-free bearing for the track system, able to withstand the harsh operating conditions experienced by most heavy equipment.

Higher Load Capacity, Longer Bearing Life

As the track modules are subject to shocks when a vehicle runs over rocks and other obstacles, GGB recommended using GAR-MAX® fiber-reinforced composite plain bearings to provide good friction and wear properties under slow-speed oscillating or rotating movements, like those of the tensioning mechanism for ATI’s modular track systems. In addition to their high load capacity and extended bearing life, GAR-MAX® self-lubricating plain bearings also exhibit good resistance to shock loads and chemical attack.

Another requirement of ATI Inc. was to provide the 10,000 to 12,000 operational hours required by their construction equipment customers. After testing, GAR-MAX® plain bearings were shown to provide around 25,000 hours: more than double the safety factor.

All bearings in the track system are sealed and lubricated for life, reducing the customer’s need for maintenance. GGB’s GAR-MAX® plain bearings are an ideal match for the application as their self-lubricating properties provide maintenance-free operation.

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