GBB EP solid-polymer bearings are mounted on hobie cat 16, the legendary catamaran

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Catamaran Dual Tiller/Rudder

First introduced in 1972, the most popular catamaran for both beginner and veteran sailors is the legendary Hobie Cat 16, the perfect craft for leisure cruising, regattas or long-distance racing.

Highly maneuverable and reaching exhilarating speeds, catamarans are the sports cars of the sailing world.

The Hobie Cat 16: A Sailing Innovation

In Reinfeld, Germany, Hobie dealer Sport Mohr retrofits the boats for use in regattas. For greater ease and accuracy of steering, European regatta champion, Detlef Mohr, owner and operator of Sport Mohr turned to GGB for a bearing solution to reduce play and abrasion in the bolted joints of the boats’ dual tiller/rudder systems.

Under sail, these systems are subject to high pressures and continuously exposed to either saltwater during ocean sailing or fresh water when sailing on lakes. In order to reduce weight and prevent galvanic corrosion, Sport Mohr selected GBB’s EP® engineered plastics bearings. In the process, steering accuracy and adjustability of the tiller/rudder system were greatly enhanced and abrasion from aluminum-to-aluminum contact was effectively eliminated.

Reducing Maintenance, Producing Greater Advantages


GGB plain bearings are used for catamaran Dual Tiller and Rudder

GGB EP® injection-molded bearings provide Hobie Cat 16 with superior wear resistance and low friction over a wide range of conditions. Made of a reinforced and modified polyamid 6.6T-based material, they exhibit excellent dimensional stability, low coefficient of friction, high compressive strength and low thermal expansion.

Mohr’s adoption of the GGB engineered plastics bearings has not only extended the operational life of the tiller/rudder systems, reducing the need for maintenance and resulting in significant savings, but has also improved the maneuverability of the catamarans in which they are installed. In addition, greater steering accuracy allows for sailing at higher speeds, which is what sailing the Hobie Cat competitively is all about.

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