Can we help you find what you’re looking for? Our complete bearing catalogue is available in multiple languages so you can find the bearing you need. Search our bearing size chart for the bearing sizes we offer, or check out our bearing designs, bearing parts and bearing services. We maintain a wide selection of standard bearings and custom bearings to fit all of your bearings application needs.

Product Range

Company Brochure

Application Brochures

  • GGB hydropower bearings

    Hydropower applications

  • GGB dp4, dp10, dp11 metal-polymer bearings brochure

    Metal-Polymer Lead-Free Brochure

  • GGB aerospace bearings and aircraft bushings for airframe applications

    Plain Bearings for Aerospace

  • GGB plain bearings for packaging machinery and conveyors

    Bearings for Packaging Machinery

  • ggb plain bearings for medical equipment

    Bearings for Medical Equipment

  • ggb plain bearings for hospital and medical care

    Bearings for Hospital and Medical Care

  • ggb plain bearings for air conditioning and refrigeration compressors

    Bearings for Compressor Applications

  • ggb plain bearings and bushings for solar power

    Bearings for Solar Power

  • ggb plain bearings and bushings for hydropower applications

    Bearings for Hydro Power Applications

  • ggb bushings for oil and gas applications

    Bearings for Oil and Gas Applications

  • ggb case hardened steel bearings for demanding applications

    Bearings for Demanding Applications

  • ggb bushings for agricultural applications

    Bearings for Agricultural Applications

  • ggb bushings and bearings for construction applications

    Bearings for Construction Applications

  • ggb bearings and bushings for transmissions

    Bearings for Transmissions

  • ggb bushings and bearings for bicycles and e-bikes

    Bearings for Bicycles and E-Bikes

  • GGB bearings and bushings for automotive seats

    Uncompromising comfort for Automotive Seats

  • ggb bearings solutions for railways applications catalog

    On Track for Improved Railway Performance

  • ggb tribological bearings for aircraft interior seats

    Tribological Solutions for Aircraft Seats

Metal-Polymer Bearings

Engineered Plastics Bearings

Fiber Reinforced Composite Bearings

Bushing Blocks and Thrust Plates

Metal and Bimetal Bearings




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