Make bearing mounting an easy task with GGB high performance bearings

Simplify Assembly

With their one piece compact design, GGB`s high performance bearings are simple to assemble into the housing compared to, for example, rolling element bearings or other bearing assemblies.

In general, GGB plain bearings or patented FLASH-CLICK® double-flange bearings can be mounted at room temperature without the use of oil or special heating or cooling equipment.

With lead-in chamfers on the bearing, GGB`s bearings can be assembled into the housing using a simple mounting tool.

Thanks to a mechanically resistant structure, the mounting force of GGB`s standard bearings is sufficiently high such that the bearing remains stationary in the housing during operation. Sealed SBC solutions with HSG or GAR-MAX® bearings exclude contamination and offer extended service life and simplified assembly. Assembled PICAL®3 pump bearings or SICAL®3D bushing blocks offer an advantage to our customers as the required tolerances are already provided. 

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