GGB plain bearings can replace roller and needle bearings

Replace Roller Bearings

Design engineers are increasingly replacing roller or needle bearings with plain bearings in a wide range of applications. Due to the simplicity of their design and cost effectiveness, plain bearings offer a number of distinct advantages.

Plain bearings advantages include :

  • Space and weight savings with DP4® low-friction bearings offer a compact one piece design reducing housing dimensions
  • Higher load capacity, in particular, excellent shock load resistance with a greater contact zone
  • Improved bearing life under oscillatory movements with DP31 hydrodynamic plain bearings
  • Compensation for misalignment and vibration damping with a conformable liner
  • Quieter performance with the absence of moving parts
  • Simple assembly process and tooling by straightforward press fit reduces cost and eliminates bearing damage
  • Reduced costs of shaft and housing surface finishes and hardness treatments
  • Machining of the assembled bore, e.g. with GGB DTS10®​ composite bushings

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