GGB Compact plain bearings reduce costs of shaft and housing surface

Reduce Size / Weight

GGB offers a complete range of different types of high performance plain bearings in order to meet operating requirements of numerous applications and in diverse and difficult operating conditions such as high loads, shock loads, low and high operating temperatures, abrasive environments, etc.

The thin walled or thin section design of GGB bearings allows a significant reduction in housing dimensions which enables compact and light weight designs as well as savings in terms of raw material purchasing costs. 

Additionally, in some instances, by improved bearing design and GGB`s enhanced bearing material performance, it is possible to reduce bearing width or shaft diameter without these changes having an impact on the required service life of the system.

This reduction in width and or diameter dimension allows a total system cost reduction with the gain in housing and/or shaft raw material costs, reduction in weight and also offers a more compact bearing design. The range of the EP™ series of light engineered plastics bearings offers unlimited dimensions and design features. SICAL®3D bushing blocks with assembled DP4® or DP31 hydrodynamic composite bearings consist of high strength aluminium alloys with antifriction and wear resistance properties.