GGB PTFE bearing solutions are ideal to reduce noise

Reduce Noise

With a bearing structure comprised of polymer PTFE (polytetrafluoro- ethylene) and non-metallic anti-wear additives in the sliding layer of the bearing, metal-to-metal contact between the GGB bearing and a metallic counter face, typically the shaft, is avoided. This reduces the creation of noise during operation or when the shaft is not rotating but moving under vibration.

Bearing noise, in particular irritating squeaking noises, can occur when grease or oil in the system dries up. The natural lubricating properties of GGB DP4® and DP11 antifriction plain bearing`s overlay allows perfect operation without these additional lubricants whereby eliminating the risk of noise.

GGB is able to produce bearings with reduced tolerances on the bearing wall thickness, bearings that can be burnished after fitting in the housing or with a bearing antifriction overlay that can be machined after assembly.

In hydraulic gear pumps for example, this enables the clearance between the bearing and the shaft to be reduced with PICAL® and SICAL®​ bushing blocks, improving the meshing of the gears which in turn improves gear pump volumetric efficiency and reduces gear noise.

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