GGB self-lubricating PTFE bearings maximize the efficiency of your system

Improve Efficiency

In recent years, two major trends have had an impact in the industrial world concerning the design and development of new products.

ImproVe Efficiency with GGB Low-Friction Bearings

Firstly, the scarcity of energy and increasing fuel prices has led to the requirement of improved energy efficiency of machines and equipment which is becoming more and more important in today`s environment of energy and cost saving.

Secondly, increased energy efficiency is required to reduce the air pollution caused by gas emissions of industrial and automotive engines.

GGB`s HI-EX® high performance bearings offer improved energy efficiency thanks to the exceptionally low friction properties of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) which is incorporated in the bearing sliding layer to maximize energy efficiency of the complete assembly.

By using the latest manufacturing equipment and technics, GGB antifriction bearings give excellent operating performance obtained by the high dimensional and geometric quality of the bearings which ensures smooth running and ease of operation.

To be noted that HPMB® low-friction bearings and GGB-CSM® self-lubricating bearings can be machined on the inner diameter after assembly in the housing to reduce to a minimum clearance variation and to obtain an almost perfect bearing form (circularity, cylindricity and coaxiality) which further enhances energy efficiency.