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Case study

GGB fiber reinforced composite bearing and engineered plastics thrust washer for cargo ship

On the Waterfront with GGB Bearings

Case study

GGB GAR-MAX filament wound bearings selected for modular track systems applications

Modular Track Systems

Case study

plain bearings for steel plant applications

Metal Alloy Bearings Keep Steel Cooling Beds Rolling


A major Scandinavian steel producer with global operations recently installed the first section of a new roller cooling bed, for which it turned to GGB for a bearing solution.

Case study

Lokomat®Pro is equipped with several GGB DX plain bearings

Lokomat®Pro Therapy Robot


July 7, 2020

GGB Earns 2019 Supplier Quality Excellence Award from General Motors


GGB’s manufacturing site in Thorofare, New Jersey, recently received the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for achieving quality excellence in 2019.


GGB adds tribological coatings to product portfolio
May 25, 2020

Evolving tribology - Enabler of engineering design


In many industries, complex shapes and surfaces create problems and difficulties for engineers looking to increase performance of their systems while reducing friction and wear for the long haul. Learn more in "New developments in tribology" from GGB, a design enabler in the field of surface functionalization in Konstruktionspraxis. 

Case study

GGB DB Bearings for Panama Canal

Innovative hydro bearings help keep Panama Canal cleaner


GGB recently developed a new type of pintle bearing for refurbishment of the miter gates in the Panama Canal’s lock system.

Case study

ggb bearings for locker system in panama canal

GGB Continues to Expand Its Role with the Panama Canal


Annual traffic through the Panama Canal has grown from 1,000 ships when the canal first opened, to nearly 15,000 ships in 2014.

Case study

GGB PTFE plain bearings on mars thanks to their durable nature

GGB Bearings Go to Mars

GGB is helping NASA’s Curiosity rover to explore the surface of the planet Mars. GGB manufactured DU® metal-polymer bearings are critical components in the drill that Curiosity is using to sample rocks in the Martian landscape in temperatures ranging from -54°C to +110°C (-65°F to +230°F).

Case study

GGB Bearings for Dialysis Machines and Other Medical Equipment

GGB Bearings Eliminate Lubrication, Maintenance from Medical Equipment


Dialysis machines clean toxins from the blood of patients suffering kidney and liver failure using semi-porous membranes, or filters.

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