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Garlock & GGB employees on location group photo

Singapore Social Good Event- Project Homeworks by Habitat for Humanity

June 16, 2022



On Friday, 10 June 2022, Garlock and GGB employees in Singapore came together to participate in Project Homeworks, a local intensive home-cleaning program launched by Habitat for Humanity Singapore. 


Project HomeWorks is Habitat Singapore’s local initiative where we work with vulnerable persons and families who need help to transform their homes into a safe and sanitary state.

The Garlock & GGB team were divided into three smaller groups, with each group responsible for one selected home in a different location supervised by a Habitat staff. The team was introduced to the homeowner and interacted with them, while understanding the help they needed for their house.

During the session, team members worked together to de-clutter equipment and remove infested furniture from the house, then deep-cleaned and scrubbed the floors and walls of assigned rooms before painting the walls with a fresh coat of sealant. The team also assembled new furniture such as bed frames and provided mattresses for residents of the home to have a good night’s sleep free of bed bugs. 

employees removing furniture  
The process: Disposing infested items and  furniture

employees discarding clutter  
The process: Discarding clutter and re-organizing items in the house

employees cleaning the floor  
The process: Disinfected and deep-cleaned the house

It was a heartwarming experience to see the transformation of the home and especially the smile on the homeowners’ faces. Knowing that the small things we do make such a huge difference in their lives is truly meaningful and serves as a motivation for us to do even more social good by getting involved in our local community.

group photo post session with Habitat employee
Post-session group photo pictured with Habitat employee