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GGB Bearings for Railway Applications

New GGB Railway brochure: Stay On Track for Improved Railway Performance

July 3, 2018



Railways today are experiencing significant changes in the quest for greater efficiency, reliability and performance - and as experts in reliable tribological solutions, GGB can help.

GGB Tribological Solutions for Rail

GGB has released a new brochure featuring the benefits of partnering with GGB early in the design process. It also details the consequences of relying on outdated designs, and provides more information on the advantages of a GGB partnership.

GGB railway and railroad bearings offer a number of advantages in railway applications. Our self-lubricating, maintenance free bearing solutions have a high load capacity and are corrosion- and contamination-resistant. From brake linkages to couplers to bogies, GGB has a wide variety of solutions to cost-effectively optimize performance in railways.

The GGB Rail Brochure can be downloaded from our website, or contact for a printed copy.


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