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GGB adds tribological coatings to product portfolio

Evolving tribology - Enabler of engineering design

May 25, 2020




In many industries, complex shapes and surfaces create problems and difficulties for engineers looking to increase performance of their systems while reducing friction and wear for the long haul. Learn more in "New developments in tribology" from GGB, a design enabler in the field of surface functionalization in Konstruktionspraxis. 

Enabler of Construction

The costs associated with complicated, excessive or outdated designs can quickly add up through the various stages of a project. For instance, a conventional bearing may show signs of wear, requiring repairs or replacement. If this wear is not caught in time, the  bearing may fail, with significant consequences in terms of product liability and reputation costs. But what would it be like if there was

With know-how and a wide range of plain bearing and coating solutions, GGB supports you in finding the right tribological solution.

a solution that offered optimum tribological properties and improved surface technology, while at the same time being suitable for both conventional bearings and complex geometric shapes? Such a solution does indeed exist. Find out more in "New developments in tribology". An English translation is available on rquest by contacting



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