GGB maintenance-free plain bearings for iron foundries, steel plants, civil engineering

Primary Metals

GGB maintenance-free plain bearings are used in a wide range of equipment in the primary metal industry such as furnace charging cars, ladle hangers, turret and tilting devices, dummy bar chains, shears, cooling beds, coilers or belt winders as well as many other critical applications.

Often subjected to dirty, abrasive environments where maintenance is difficult or impractical, GGB self-lubricating bearings are ideal for use in iron foundries, steel plants and civil engineering projects, where they deliver a more reliable performance compared to bronze bearings.

Reliable, Durable maintenance-free Bearings to Extend Service Life

GGB bearing solutions for dirty and abrasive environments of the primary metals industry

Moog GmbH is a manufacturer of pumps, industrial systems and hydraulic valves. Among its more innovative products is a toggle joint mechanism for driving a 10-ton metal-forming machine. For the application, GGB recommended its DX® metal-polymer bearings to meet Moog’s specifications for space-saving compactness, high-rigidity, low friction and minimal maintenance. Subjected to high loads, the GGB bearings showed remarkably little wear after 10 million cycles.

Moog is also using GGB bearings in many of its other servomotor products, due to their superior dynamic performance and reliability, extremely quiet operation, ability to operate in extreme temperatures and easy installation.

Eliminating Bearing Maintenance

GGB bearings are self-lubricating, making them ideal for applications that requiring long bearing life without continuous maintenance while operating in extreme conditions with inadequate or no lubrication. With high load capacities and excellent resistance to corrosion and tolerance of shock, GGB’s high performance bearings are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications including:

  • Charging Trolleys
    GGB maintenance free bearings for iron, steel and aluminium industries
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Hyperbaric Filter
  • Ladle Cover Manipulator
  • Lifting / Adjustment Devices
  • Locking Device Casting Cylinder
  • Pinch Roll Unit Polisher
  • Screw-nut for Milling Tools
  • Slide plates for Quench machine

GGB’s high-performance, self-lubricating bearings offer customers significant advantages in many applications in the primary metals industry thanks to a longer bearing life, high wear resistance and low friction over a wide range of load, speed, and temperature conditions:

Low friction and high wear resistance

  • Low coefficients of friction eliminate the need for lubrication, while providing smooth operation, reducing wear and extending service life.

Improved performance and service life

  • Superior wear resistance and high shock load capacity provide extended bearing service life and improved reliability while excellent low friction properties reduce power losses for improved equipment performance.

Increased operating temperatures

  • GGB bearings can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from - 200°C to 600°C (- 330°F to 1100°F).

Lower system cost

  • GGB bearings reduce shaft costs by eliminating the need for hardening and machining grease paths. Their compact, one-piece construction provides space and weight savings and simplifies assembly.

GGB has introduced a line of self-lubricating, maintenance-free bearings with enhanced properties perfectly suited to a wide range of applications in the iron, steel and aluminum industries, performing under even the most demanding operating conditions. Designed for applications where customary lubrication is not possible, our line of greaseless GGB-CSM® and GGB-CBM® materials can also be used to replace existing lubricated bearings.

GGB bearing experts are available to provide made-to-measure solutions to meet each application’s specific needs with a vast range of standard or custom bearings. GGB bearings offer excellent performance over a wide range of load, speed and temperature conditions and since lubrication is eliminated, equipment no longer needs to be taken out of operation to be serviced, resulting in reduced maintenance costs, substantial savings and an environmentally friendly product.

High Performance Bearings for Primary Metals



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