GGB Self-Lubricating Bearings offer low friction and corrosion resistance required by Fluid Power applications

Fluid Power

GGB’s range of high performance bearings is ideally suited to meet the unique application requirements of the fluid power industry. Our low-friction, self-lubricating bearings offer complete solutions, performing reliably under high loads and speeds while resisting cavitation and chemical attack, making them suitable for use in today’s advanced fluid power applications.

Superior Advantages in High Performance Bearings


GGB pump bearings are ideal for piston pumps, vane pumps and motors

GGB maintenance-free bearings are compatible with common hydraulic fluids and many types of water emulsions, making them ideal for use in vane pumps, gear and piston pumps and motors. In addition to excellent friction and wear properties, their ability to perform reliably under demanding loads and speeds make them well suited for many fluid power applications.

Our customers benefit from a variety of advantages:

Improved energy efficiency

  • GGB’s low friction bearing materials reduce power losses for increased output and efficiency.
    GGB self-lubricating pump bearings for fluid power industry


  • GGB bearings are self-lubricating, making them ideal for applications requiring long bearing life without continuous maintenance.

Reduced noise and assembly costs

  • With no moving parts, GGB bearings offer quieter operation. Their one-piece construction of bushing block, joints & bearing simplifies assembly, further reducing costs and eliminating fitting damage.

Replacement of costly roller bearings

  • GGB plain bearings can replace more expensive roller bearings in certain applications, providing a greater contact area to give higher load capacity, shock loading resistance and improved performance.

Reliability for Demanding Applications

We provide a range of solutions for hydraulic pumps and motors, including shaft bearings, cradle bearings, thrust blocks, wear plate hydraulic cylinders, and rod guide bearings. Even for the most demanding applications, our customers can rely on our advanced aluminum alloys for high-strength, anti-galling and low friction.

Gear pumps and motors

  • In hydraulic gear pumps and motors, pressure balanced bushing blocks and thrust plates minimize side-face leakage and contribute to high volumetric efficiency. A plain bearing in the bushing block supports the demanding pressures and speeds of hydraulic pumps and motors.
    GGB self-lubricating pumps bearings for hydraulic, vane, centrifugal pumps

Vane and centrifugal pumps

  • Vane and centrifugal pumps both use a single bearing located on a drive shaft passing through the center of a rotor to provide low-friction and support the rotating cam and rotor. Reducing friction on the drive shaft increases the pumps’ mechanical and volumetric efficiencies.

Radial and axial piston pumps

  • Radial and axial piston pumps use shaft journal bearings to support their loads and speeds. These bearings are also used in axial piston pumps, serving as slipper plates for rotation of the piston plate as well as cradle bearings to accommodate the oscillating movement of a swashplate to allow variable displacement, pressure and flow.

Gerotor and radial piston motors

  • Gerotor and radial piston motors rely on shaft journal bearings to support their operating loads and speeds. It is critical that these bearings provide ultra-low friction, high load capacity and high resistance to wear and cavitation from the high-pressure fluid conditions in these motors.

GGB customers rely on our advanced aluminum alloys for its high strength, anti-galling, and low friction properties. The global leader in high performance bearing solutions, we combine our advanced expertise in materials and machining along with state-of-the-art manufacturing at our four global production plants; utilizing that latest in automation, CNC technologies, robotic handling and CMM inspections.

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GGB Bearing Technology’s low-friction, self-lubricating bearings offer a complete solution for the fluid power industry.