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What are Transmission & Gearbox Bearings used for in Automotive Applications?

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GGB provides more than 50 automotive bearing solutions to nearly all major Tier-1 and Tier-2 automotive suppliers as well as many major automotive OEMs.

Our plain bearings are popular with the automotive industry due to their lightweight construction which provides space and weight savings. Ultimately, this weight savings results in reduced vehicle emissions and improved vehicle fuel economy. Additionally, the self-lubricating design of GGB bearings is perfectly suited for internal vehicle components that require long service lives but cannot receive constant maintenance.

Two key bearing solutions GGB supplies to the automotive industry are transmission bearings and gearbox bearings.


Transmission Bearings

Bearings are used in a variety of areas in transmissions, including rear output shafts, main shafts and reverse idlers, clutches, pumps, solenoids, planetary gear sets, and gear shifting forks.

In these applications, ELV, WEEE, and RoHS compliant anti friction bearings are used:

DP4® and DP31 transmission bearings provide reliable performance even with marginal lubrication, ultimately helping to reduce vehicle noise and vibration in transmission applications. DP4® and DP31 automotive bearings are also easier to mount than needle bearings in transmissions.


Gearbox Bearings

DP4® self-lubricating bearings are used in servo-assisted gearboxes. The actuator shaft in these gearboxes undergoes stop-start operation to engage and disengage gears selected by the driver. The excellent resistance of DP4® gearbox bearings to flow and cavitation erosion makes them suitable for this application.

DP4® low friction bearings also have an operating temperature range of -200oC to 280oC, ensuring optimal performance at gearbox temperatures (80°C - 100°C).


Engineered plastics Gearbox & TRANSMISSION Bearing Solutions

GGB EP® engineered plastics bearings are also found in manual and automatic transmissions, including continuously variable transmissions.

EP®44 and EP®64 transmission bearings offer good load capacity, temperature operating ranges, and resistance to chemical attack from oils.

To learn more, discover all GGB automotive bearing solutions.

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