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Can GGB Produce Special Bearing Forms, Types and Dimensions on Demand?

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In addition to our range of standard bearings that are manufactured to internationally recognized sizes, GGB is able to provide a wide variety of non-standard bearing designs and configurations.

Our engineers are able to custom manufacture special bearings to fit our clients’ needs. Our in-house bearing engineering capabilities include around-the-clock availability to work with our customers to identify and develop innovative solutions to their most demanding bearing challenges.

Special-dimension bearings may be customized to any scale, in a variety of materials and techniques, even with short lead times and an affordable pricing structure. Materials for special bearings may include:

Available techniques include machining, stamping, water jet cutting, deep drawing and injection molding to meet our customers’ requirements. As with our standard bearing solutions, non-standard components are manufactured under DIN/ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality management systems.

Our bearing testing capabilities include providing factory certifications and test reports for initial samples according to customer specifications. The result is a custom bearings solution for nearly any application.

a variety of Custom & special bearings made to order

  • GGB DP4 special bearing forms
  • GGB HI-EX custom bearing segment for aerospace applications
  • GGB EP engineered plastics custom bearings
  • GGB custom bearing assembly
  • GGB EP22 engineered plastic special bearings
  • GGB Fiber reinforced composite special bearing

Contact our technical support team anytime to discuss how we can develop a custom bearing solution for your application.

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