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Frequently asked questions relating to bearings

We have assembled a variety of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about bearings products, applications and services. Just click on the question you are interested in below and you will be taken to a remarkably succinct and accurate answer:


Are bearings used in oil and gas production?

Can I replace bearings in multigym pulley wheels?

What are aerospace bearings used for?

What are hydropower bearings used for?

Which type of bearings can be used in radial or axial piston pumps?

What are transmission & gearbox bearings used for in automotive applications?



What is EP® or Engineered Plastics?

Where do I find specific EP® engineered plastics bearings catalogs?

Which EP® engineered plastics bearings are self-lubricating?

What general tolerances can be achieved with the EP® plastic bushings?

How do I know if a EP® engineered plastic bearing material can operate in my application?

Are you able to machine the engineered plastics bearing samples?

Are engineered plastics bearing materials machinable once installed by the customer?

Is it feasible to overmold an EP® plastic bearing solution?

Is there a minimum order quantity for EP® engineered plastic bearings?

Which EP® engineered plastic bearing materials and shapes are available on stock?



What are DU® bearings?

Where do you buy DU® bushes?

What is a self-lubricating bearing?

Why use bronze bushings?

Bearings and bushes are made from what metal?


Can a spherical bearing be used in high misalignment and high load conditions?

Can GGB produce special bearing forms, types and dimensions on demand?

Does GGB sell hydrodynamic bearings?

How does the performance of sleeve bearings and ball bearings compare?

What is a ball bearing?

What is a bushing?

What is a deep groove ball bearing?

What is a roller bearing? 

What is a sleeve bearing?

What is a slide bearing?

What is the difference between bearings and bushings?

What are the differences between plain bearings and roller bearings?

What are cylindrical bearings and how are they used?

What are plain bearings?

What are flange bearings?

What are thrust washers?

What are radial and axial bearings?

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