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GGB Webinar talks Partnership & Collaboration

The Power of Partnership | GGB Webinar


United States


Join us for a GGB Webinar

Railway, Agriculture, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, Recreational, Medical, Fluid Power, Industrial, Primary Metals, E-Mobility

Join us Thursday, November 11th at 9am EST (6am PST/ 3:00pm CET) for a special GGB webinar hosted by IEEE Globalspec, “The Power of Partnership".

When it comes to selecting moving components, such as bearings, one might think it’s an easy task without acknowledging how crucial this piece is. As an engineer goes through the design process, moving components are usually saved for last. However, this moving piece is one of the most crucial to the design and is better to be considered early on with the entire system’s performance in mind.  

 What if you consulted with these engineering experts earlier on? What would be the result of partnering with the right company early in the design and bearing selection process?  

We have had the privilege of partnering with customers who come to us with their design challenges, issues and needs from the start of their design process. This allows our engineering team to conduct a full review of the system where we can vet the challenges and requirements to identify the best component for the design.  

In this webinar, GGB's Senior Applications & Solutions Engineering Manager, Matt Steiner and Senior Business Development Engineer, Jason Hardage will walk through partnerships where we've collaborated with customers early in their design process to vet the challenges and/or explore reasons for failure as we worked together to find the best solution. Our collaborations have resulted in extending maintenance intervals, increased efficiency, optimized performance, and cost savings for the customer.  

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