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Optimize the Performance of your System with Antifriction Solutions - GGB Webinar




Join us for a GGB Webinar

Railway, Agriculture, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, Recreational, Medical, Fluid Power, Industrial, Primary Metals, E-Mobility

Join us Tuesday, April 26th at 11am CET for a GGB French webinar hosted by Webikeo, “How can you optimize the Performance of your System with Antifriction Solutions?".

Are you looking to improve your knowledge of the science of friction and discover the benefits of GGB bearings and coatings solutions?

Join the GGB team for a French webinar, "How can you optimize the Performance of your System with Antifriction Solutions?"

In this webinar, GGB's Applications Engineers Florian Bonnevay, Alexandre Icol and Sandrine Taverniers will discuss the principles of tribology and the benefits of partnering early on a design.

Demonstrating the benefits of partnering with our experts to :

  • Identify friction and wear issues
  • Optimize efficiency and performance, while also reducing costs.

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