GGB's company culture enables the full release of human possibility


Values to Enable the Full Release of Human Possibility

At all of our locations around the world, we share the same three values of Safety, Excellence and Respect. These values of standard behavior are of paramount importance as we seek to maximize personal possibility, achieve excellence and establish open, creative work environments with the highest safety standards in the industry.

“Let’s imagine a future company that we can create together.

I believe we would start with a noble purpose. It would be about people and be grounded in a belief in the enormous potential that everyone has. In fact, the purpose would be ‘the full release of human possibility’.”

- Steve E. Macadam, President and Chief Executive Officer, EnPro Industries

World-class Standards in Safety, Excellence and Respect


As an EnPro Industries company, GGB’s deep-rooted culture of safety places a relentless focus on creating a secure, healthy work environment for all. A core value of GGB, safety is critically essential at all levels of business in order to achieve our goal of having the safest employees in the industry. As our safety performance continuously improves, we believe that through leadership commitment and by following a well-defined, proactive safety process, every accident can be prevented.

GGB Sučany, Slovakia is a testament to our values of employee safety. Receiving the “Safe Enterprise” award in 2011, the plant was selected as one of Slovakia’s 10 safest companies based on the facility’s health and safety management system as well as its level of achievement within the company.


A world-class organization is built by being the best in everything at all levels of business, with excellence existing throughout the company in all positions and functional areas. Our world-class manufacturing plants are certified in quality and excellence in the industry according to ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001, allowing us to access the industry’s best practices while aligning our quality management system with global standards.

At GGB, we aim for excellence each and every day, whether it be in customer service, product manufacturing, business processes and practices or innovation. Excellence at GGB is particularly acknowledged by one of our most demanding markets: Aerospace.

In 2009, Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. Co. KG issued a certificate of approval for GGB Heilbronn to supply precision machining, bearings and washers. Rolls-Royce customers include over 500 airlines, 4,000 corporate aircraft operators, 160 armed forces and more than 2,000 marine customers in addition to energy customers in nearly 120 countries.

In the same year, GGB North America was certified as complying with the requirements of the aerospace industry’s AS 9100C quality management system for the manufacture of metal-backed bearings and filament-wound bearings and washers. We maintain a certified quality management system for aerospace products, satisfying the requirements of prime contractors in the U.S., Canada and South America. Designed to reduce variance in processes and procedures, the system promotes continuous improvement to deliver consistently high-quality products while reducing non-value-added activities.


We believe that respect is consistent with the growth of individuals and groups. Our teams work together with mutual respect regardless of background, nationality or function, embracing the diversity of people and learning from one another.


“My dedication to creating a safe workplace free of all injuries will be absolute and clear through my actions.”

We aim to create an environment of learning for our employees, an exchange of knowledge and information with others that promotes independence and freedom of thinking to achieve the full release of human possibility.


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