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I want to give my team a vision, knowing that it’s achievable: this is where we are now, that’s the benchmark over there and that is where we want to go.

Vincent Berthet Supply Chain Manager

With 13 years experience in the industry, Vincent has previously worked with global car part manufacturers as a supply chain manager, production manager and logistics manager. He has been at the Annecy site in France since October 2012 in the position of supply chain manager.

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  • What does your role as supply chain manager involve?

  • I manage a team of 17 people who work in the warehouse, the Purchasing department and on production planning. The supply chain at GGB is purchasing and logistics. Beginning with purchasing, we manage all our suppliers from sourcing to negotiation, as well as quality assessment. In Logistics there are three main jobs: sourcing, planning and shipping. This is where Logistics is positioned in the supply chain that links suppliers to our customers. We do our production planning based on customer forecasts to prepare for the coming months so we can optimize our human resources and machine utilization. We then develop a sourcing plan for all our components and raw materials. Finally, we ship these parts from our warehouse to our customers.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

  • I would say having a clear vision on where to go in terms of excellence and world-class manufacturing, especially in logistics and purchasing. I want to give my team a vision, knowing that it’s achievable: this is where we are now, that’s the benchmark over there and that is where we want to go. It’s defining a strategy for attaining our goals and asking the team to follow this roadmap and having the motivation to do so. I really enjoy working with people and making it participative. I’m involved with my team and I try to include as many people as possible when making decisions to ensure that we are all going in the same direction.

  • What is the best aspect about working for GGB?

  • I feel that the people here are really involved in their jobs. For example, when we were setting up the new ERP system, it was an important project for GGB, notably here at Annecy where we were the first to implement it. Because it is an integrated system, it tends to break down borders and create better communication between functional areas. The people here were very involved in setting up the system and always aimed to do their best to reach the same goal - when you are new to a company it’s very reassuring to see a team that is so involved towards achieving the same objective.

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