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As critical components in many systems, bearings are inherently interesting from both an engineering and product perspective. Wherever you have movement, you need bearings, which make them indispensable to thousands of applications.

Ümüt Elitok Product Manager

Ümüt joined GGB 2004 as an automotive application engineer. He subsequently served as sales engineer for key automotive customers, and is now product manager for metal and bimetal products.

GGB Team of Experts Ümüt Elitok
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  • How did you begin your career in the bearing industry?

  • I began my career in this industry at GGB, where I worked for several years as an application engineer for automotive customers. That experience with its exposure to numerous different applications and products prepared me for my subsequent role as automotive sales engineer, where I had increased responsibilities and direct customer/market contact. Seeking new challenges and global responsibilities, I was promoted to product manager of metal and bimetal products.

  • What was your main interest in working for GGB?

  • My main interest was the wide range of applications for bearings, which number in the thousands and their importance to the systems in which they are installed. There are few industrial components as ubiquitous as bearings.

  • What does your role as manager for metal and bimetal products involve?

  • Generally speaking it includes the management of these products through their life cycles. More specifically it includes pre-launch education and training of the sales force and application engineers, setting up new processes if necessary and anticipating the needs of our customers.

  • What are the biggest challenges you face in your position?

  • The biggest challenge is building bridges between R&D, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, application engineering and customer demands. Our metal and bimetal offerings are project-related, which requires a lot of engineering and coordination of these various functions.

  • What aspects of you position do you find most rewarding?

  • It’s particularly gratifying when people come back to me and say they’ve won a very important project. We’re a global company, and I enjoy working with people from different parts of the world. It takes human skills to effectively deal with different cultures comprising our company.