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Our strength is in our service, support, product quality and technology provided to customers on a global level. That’s what differentiates us from our competitors.

Rich Saile Application Engineer

With a career in the industry that spans 25 years, Rich spent half that time working for a plastics company before coming to work at GGB more than 12 years ago. He is currently an applications engineer.

GGB bearings Rich Saile Team of Experts
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  • How did you begin your career in the industry?

  • Before I came to GGB, I was an applications engineer at a plastics company. When I saw that GGB had a position open for an applications engineer, I thought it would be a really interesting opportunity and a good fit with my background. My plastics experience has really helped me at GGB because many of our products have polymer liners or there’s polymer in the product in some way. At first, there was a lot of learning on the bearing side of things, but on the material side of things I felt real comfortable. Maybe I wasn’t a bearings expert when I arrived, but after 12 years, I am now! I really enjoy working at GGB and we have a great group of engineers. I’m always learning from them because everyone has their own area of expertise and we all draw on each other’s strengths. We try and help each other to bring everyone’s level up through this collaboration.

  • What gives GGB the advantage to be the market leader?

  • It’s the GGB value: technology, service, support, product quality: those are our strengths. Many of our competitors are weak in these areas, they aren’t developing materials and they don’t have strong customer service or applications engineering teams like we do. If you call GGB for technical support, you can speak directly with an applications engineer! Our strength is in our service, support, product quality and technology provided to customers on a global level. That’s what differentiates us from our competitors.

  • What kinds of services and support do you offer customers?

  • Our department is responsible for providing technical support to our customers, dealing with all the customers’ technical issues, requests or inquiries. If a customer is not sure what bearing material to use, or how to design the bearing, that’s where we come in, that’s our expertise. We work directly with the customers’ engineers to learn all the technical details and requirements of the application. We then analyze all that information to select the appropriate bearing material and develop the bearing design. Many times we get involved very early in our customer’s design process. The customer may be just at the concept stage and they want to determine if an application is feasible and if a GGB product can be utilized. We can provide bearing material and design recommendations or a technical proposal, before producing samples for customer testing. We really feel that investing our time and resources when working on customer applications is what differentiates us and we try to treat all customers equally when providing technical support. No matter what the project, we’re here to help customers.

  • What are the best aspects about your role as an applications engineer?

  • I like helping people and the best part about my job is that I get to help people all day long! I also really enjoy working with the customer’s engineers right from the concept phase of a project because we can help ensure the success of the application when it reaches production. It’s very satisfying if you’ve spent a long period of time working on an application from the initial designs, through testing and pre-production and then you see the production orders coming in, knowing that you and your team have helped that customer be successful. That’s rewarding for me.

  • …and the best part about working at GGB?

  • I like the global interaction at GGB. Whether it’s collaborating with the engineers I sit next to or my colleagues globally that I correspond with, we work as a team and support each other. We all share our knowledge, experience and expertise; everyone’s willing to help one another. It’s a great working environment.