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With all our knowledge and experience, we can assure the customer that our product will work in their application.

Pierre Enna Sales & Application Engineer

Pierre began his career at GGB 23 years ago and has been a sales & application engineer for the last 4 years at the GGB headquarters in Annecy, France.

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  • P. ENNA
  • As a sales and application engineer, what services do you provide to customers?

  • My role is not to sell customers a product, but rather to offer them technical support. I visit customers and assist them in adapting our product for assembly in their applications.

  • What are the main advantages GGB offers customers?

  • We aim to offer more support to our customers than the competition who only deliver the parts and do not offer the same level of customer service. We are available to select a product with the customer, calculate the product life in the assembly and aid them with our extensive knowledge in general industry applications. With all our knowledge and experience, we can assure the customer that our product will work in their application. We have the expertise to know if a product is suitable or not.

  • The number of general industry applications is so vast. How do you provide specific customer service over such a broad range of product applications?

  • In general industrial market we mainly serve smaller customers, so often the manager is also the person who orders the parts. We aim to help them like a partner; it is as though we are working with them in their shop. It is not like the automotive industry where you have to communicate with many people for just one application.

  • What do you enjoy most about your work?

  • For me, 23 years at GGB means it is a very interesting place to work! I enjoy working with the product, plus the people I work with are very warm and friendly. It’s a pleasure to work at GGB.

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