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At GGB we have a lot of independence. I work with people that have great experience and I can trust them in the work they do.

Marie Pierre Ermel Customer Service Manager, Automotive

With an impressive 15-year career at GGB, Marie-Pierre currently holds the post of customer service manager for the automotive sector.

At GGB, Marie-Pierre Ermel is customer service manager for the automotive market
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  • What are the main responsibilities of the Customer Service department?

  • Our work begins when we receive the order from the customer and register it in the system. The Logistics department, which is responsible for planning the production, will then come back to us with the lead time. We will then communicate this to the customer and if they agree, everything is fine. However, if there is a problem for the customer then we go back to Production and try to improve the lead time. This is the main task of a CSO (Customer Service Officer). We also deal with invoices and organize shipments for France, EU and export.

  • What advantages does GGB offer customers over the competition?

  • The best OTD (On Time Delivery)! We aim to ensure that the parts will be ready on time, but if there is a problem, we inform the customer straight away. This is crucial, especially in the automotive sector where if parts are not delivered on time, the whole chain of production is broken; our customers are unable to deliver their parts to automotive manufacturers and production is halted. Sometimes it can be really stressful. We are very aware of the role we play and are extremely careful with delivery times, in order to offer the best service possible to our customers.

  • What is the best aspect of your role?

  • It’s the sharing with so many different people. Firstly, the customers: we know them well and we can share more with them than just simple business exchanges. This is enriching. Secondly, the communication with people from all the GGB sites all over the world and the sharing of our work practices. It’s good to improve, to change how you work and to exchange ideas. I enjoy working with a lot of people.

  • Do you have any memorable career experiences?

  • Last year, I was invited to the GGB Commercial Role Standardization seminar to standardize the role of all CSOs at each GGB site, along with people from Brazil, Germany, U.S., Austria, France, and Slovakia. After analyzing our roles, we discovered that there were many differences in our responsibilities! We agreed on a standard role of a CSO, but we saw many the differences between the sites. It was really interesting because we shared some great ideas with the intention of integrating them into our work practices.

  • What makes GGB a great place to work?

  • For me, I’ve been able to develop myself. I became a customer service manager in 2005, but when I started it was not so easy to become a manager; it was a real challenge. At GGB we have a lot of independence. I work with people that have great experience and I can trust them in the work they do. They take responsibility when there are problems and I know they can solve their issues, but if not, I know that they will come to me and we will share their problem in order to solve it together. We try to promote this “team spirit” to encourage collaboration. This is a big motivation for me and also for my team.