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The technical advice and support we give our customers is a service that not all our competitors have the capability to provide.

Heitor Sarro Product Engineer

After graduating from a technical high school in Brazil with a diploma in general mechanical engineering, Heitor began his career as an intern with GGB Brazil at just 17 years old and is currently a product engineer at the Annecy site in France.

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  • What are your main responsibilities?

  • As a product engineer, I work closely with customers providing technical support and advice as well as proposing new materials. Customers are given the opportunity to test materials in their applications with the goal of finding the bearing solution most adapted to their needs. Our development teams then use their valued feedback to improve product performance and develop the next generation of bearing materials.

  • How did you begin your career at GGB?

  • I started at GGB when I was 17, working as an intern while going to university in the evenings, which I did for 6 years until I graduated. It was pretty intense and took a lot of effort. At that time we didn’t have an applications engineering department at GGB in Brazil and I was one of the first in that area. I did my intern program in Brazil for 2 years to become an application engineering analyst, working closely with my colleagues in Germany and the U.S., who were a great source of knowledge and experience. I had a lot of customer exposure in my role and I supported customers in many different market segments.

  • Do you take a more innovative or commercial approach when developing and researching products?

  • Actually, both. We have innovation programs where GGB subject matter experts present a new material they have developed, working from an entirely innovative approach, but we also work on product development that is based entirely on customer needs and trends in the market.

  • How do you anticipate customer needs?

  • Part of our job is to follow and translate trends into bearing needs and feedback to GGB. In the bearing industry, the development time is quite long compared to other industries, so we always need to think ahead to be on time with our product development.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

  • The best part of this job is that it’s not routine and every day you are challenged with a different application. We deal with many different markets so we’re always working on something new. It’s really exciting when you come to work and say, “okay, today I’m going to work in the automotive sector”, and then another day it could be renewable energy or pumps and so on.

  • Why is GGB a great place to work?

  • GGB values their employees. It’s almost 11 years since I’ve been at GGB and what I really like about working here is that we have a world of possibilities. We have locations all over the world, a great cultural exchange and open communication with everyone in the company. From a market standpoint, what I like about GGB is our technical relationship with the customer. The technical advice and support we give our customers is a service that not all our competitors have the capability to provide.

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