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We have a high-quality product and a very good team that is professional, experienced and knowledgeable.

Gregory Laverriere Account Manager for Intercompany Business

Having previously worked in the automotive industry as a sales engineer, Gregory came to GGB in 2011 and is currently account manager for intercompany business at the Annecy site in France.

At GGB, Gregory Laverriere is account manager for intercompany business
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  • What do your day-to-day responsibilities at GGB involve?

  • I’m in charge of the commercial relations between Annecy and the other intercompany locations in Brazil, China, Germany, the U.S. and Slovakia. I’m the first point of contact for the other GGB locations in GGB Annecy. My role is to coordinate the requirements from the other sites. When my colleagues at GGB need a new part to be produced at the Annecy plant, I take in charge the feasibility review, the quotation and I coordinate the projects between department method, quality and planning, to ensure that new parts will be delivered on time and according to the specification of our customers.

  • What is the best aspect about your role?

  • What I really enjoy in my role is to be in contact with all the other sites. I communicate directly with the sales engineers and the application engineers and this is the most positive aspect: to have this coordination role and to help everyone interact with each other between different departments and locations.

  • Have you been a part of any memorable projects?

  • The most important project I’ve had since I arrived at GGB was to have the role of “key user sales and distribution” for new ERP program which went online on January 1st 2013 and is now being used by all the different departments in Annecy. This last year has been really tough due to the preparation of the new system implementation. Without knowing anything about the system a year ago, I had to learn quickly and be proactive in its rollout. The task was huge. I’ve run 2 marathons in my life and the experience is really similar: You have to train yourself before starting the race. The distance is long and you need to be really strong in terms of mental endurance. During the race, you feel you’re going to give up because the goal is unreachable and too difficult to achieve; this is when you need the support of other people to be able to continue. We were faced to many difficulties, but we had to do it and that’s what we did. It was a tough project and we now work with a completely new and a nearly smooth system.

  • What do you enjoy most about working at GGB?

  • There is really good cooperation between all the departments and good collaboration. From a sales point of view, we have a high-quality product and a very good team that is professional, experienced and knowledgeable.