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I ensure that customers receive a high level of service, which includes efficient communication and good customer relationships.

Catherine Coquet Customer Service

Beginning her career at GGB straight from school, Catherine’s career at the company spans 33 years. She is currently customer service team manager for the industrial department.

  • Journalist
  • What are the main responsibilities of the Customer Service department?

  • Customer Services is responsible for entering the customers’ orders, checking prices and availability, verifying the delivery date with logistics, handling emergencies, processing returns, managing billing issues and more. A lot of different things to do every day! My current role is to manage customer demands. I ensure that customers receive a high level of service, which includes efficient communication and good customer relationships. Internally, I collaborate with the sales team and contribute to achieving sales and delivery targets. I also work with many other departments like Logistics, Purchasing, Finance, Quality and the warehouse.

  • What is the most challenging part of your job?

  • Delivery. It’s not easy to have the parts ready for the day requested by the customer. We may have to work with Production and Purchasing to find solutions to ensure on time deliveries. Sometimes the problem arrives when a customer requests a short delivery date, or possibly a problem in production, like tooling or something mechanical. Upon customer requests, we have to find the best solution to have the parts delivered: express shipments, express forwarders, taxis: anything to go faster! We communicate with a lot of customers every day and we have to provide them with good, professional service: quick responses, accurate information and solutions. We also direct our customers to the best contact within GGB, such as a sales manager if needed, but most importantly, we have to give them answers. It can be very stressful, but I like my job because we have a lot of contact with many people even if sometimes it can be difficult.

  • What are the best aspects about working for GGB?

  • It’s an international company, so we have a lot of contact with people from all over the world. It’s good for training, for innovation and there are always different challenges. Also, a new ERP system has been implemented this year and I believe it will make GGB and the way we work better and better.

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