Certified to global safety standards, GGB is a secure workplace for all employees

Safety and Social Engagement

Certified to Global Safety Standards

GGB world-class manufacturing facilities are certified to OHSAS 18001

Safety is more than statistics and awards. It’s both a personal and a shared responsibility to look out for our own and others’ well-being, both in the workplace and at home, and a firm belief that all accidents can be prevented. Today, our largest responsibility is to assure that our factories are safe places to work. GGB employees also assume a level of personal responsibility for safety by pledging to participate in creating a secure, injury-free workplace for all.


“My dedication to creating a safe workplace free of all injuries will be absolute and clear through my actions.”

Our world-class manufacturing facilities are certified to OHSAS 18001, the international standard for occupational health and safety systems, not only providing customers with a high standard of product quality, but also assuring that at the end of the day everyone returns safely to loved ones at home.

A Secure Workplace for all Employees

At our manufacturing facilities, many procedures have been implemented to create a safe, injury-free workplace. Production plants have formed active committee-based safety programs providing employees with annual first-aid training, quarterly information exchange meetings, monthly safety inspections and continual monitoring of air quality and noise levels. Other safety practices at our industry-leading facilities include: 

GGB received several safety awards and develops safety practices
  • Proper safety attire
  • Accident investigation
  • Increased pedestrian safety
  • Fire drill and evacuation exercises
  • Weekly and monthly health and safety audits
  • Yearly safety training for all GGB employees

GGB manufacturing facilities have received the EnPro President’s Safety Award based on the plant’s safety program. Awarded were the production plants in Barueri, Brazil; Dieuze and Annecy, France; and Suzhou, China. Our facilities in Heilbronn, Germany; Sučany, Slovakia and our two U.S. facilities in Thorofare were presented with the CEO Safety Award, awarded to facilities that have won the President’s award for two consecutive years.

Unlocking Talent Through Training 

GGB plants are a secure workplace for all employees

Throughout our journey toward continuous improvement, we provide training initiatives focusing on the improvement of our manufacturing processes. Designed to empower employees to effect change, training programs use a consistent set of principles and globally standardized best practices.

“While the focus is on our manufacturing sites, the system is designed to engage everyone... That’s how you get better, more impactful ideas resulting in better business practices and a great place to work.”

- Susan Sweeney, GGB President


For the education, development and growth of our next generation of application engineers we have created a two-year program, specifically designed to recruit new graduates in mechanical engineering and to train them for a career at GGB.

In order to develop expertise in their chosen field, participants receive in-house training in sales, customer service and operations. Program participants agree that one of the most valuable aspects is the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in sales, marketing, operations and R&D.

“It’s such an enriching program, especially for an entry-level engineer. You’re exposed to virtually every aspect of the company, and being assigned to the General Industrial segment exposes you to the broadest, most diverse applications for our bearings.”

- Ashley Beppel, Mechanical Engineering graduate

GGB Family Safety Day

GGB family safety day reflects GGB's commitment to safety

Family Safety Day is an event organized to engage GGB families in our safety practices at work and to teach their children the importance of safety in the home. Reflecting our commitment to safety, this yearly fixture features numerous activities designed to reinforce safety-consciousness both in the workplace and the home including plant tours, presentations, firefighting demonstrations, interactive exhibits and much more.

The main objective of this event is to remind everyone that safety is everyone’s responsibility and all accidents can be prevented. By bringing families together on a special day, we reinforce the need for safety both at work and at home.



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