HPMB® - The New Machinable Filament Wound Bearings from GGB

February 9, 2015


GGB HPMB Hydro bearing has self-lubricating and high strenght properties

GGB Bearing Technology has developed HPMB®, a new self-lubricating filament wound material with a machinable liner, providing tight dimensional control and class-leading tribological properties for hydropower applications

HPMB® liners are easily machined by GGB or after bearing installation by end-users with readily available single point tools. The filament wound construction of the bearings offers high strength and impact resistance, high load capacities, excellent shock and edge loading resistance, low friction and wear, long service life, negligible water absorption and excellent corrosion resistance.

The bearings are self-lubricating, minimizing maintenance and eliminating lubricants that can be harmful to the environment. In addition, their thinner walls and shorter length can deliver significant savings in new hydropower installations, and their flexibility facilitates replacement of fiber laminate and bronze bearings in existing installations. 

HPMB® bearings can be used in dry or water-lubricated applications with high loads, tight clearances and slow rotation or oscillatory movements. Potential turbine applications include: wicket gates, servo-motors, linkages and a wide range of other hydropower applications. 

HPMB® bearings are available in cylindrical and flanged configurations on a made-to-order basis.  



With production plants in the U.S., Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China, GGB is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance self-lubricating and pre-lubricated plain bearings. The company supplies more than 30,000 customers worldwide in countless applications and industries, including automotive, fluid power, agricultural and construction machinery, sports and recreation equipment, renewable energy, primary metals and general industry. Its plain bearing portfolio includes metal-polymer, solid polymer, filament wound and metals and bimetals, as well as bushing blocks, thrust plates and specialized housings and assemblies. In addition, GGB offers industry-leading R&D and testing facilities, flexible production, technical support and a global distributor network. Additional information about GGB is available at www.ggbearings.com.

 For more information contact marketing@ggbearings.com.




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